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Definition of Cookies

If you would like to understand cookies better, here is a brief explanation: Each time you visit, little snippets of text are sent from your computer or mobile device. These pieces of text are sent to the site each time you visit. By doing this, can ensure that your gaming experience is personalised each time you want to use the site.

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So that the site can remain relevant, makes use of analytic cookies. The analytic cookies we collect are used by a third party to determine which areas of the site are popular. By doing this, we can ensure that improvements are made, which means your future visits to our site are better. In addition to this, we can determine when errors are running, and adjust them accordingly.

The analytic cookies we use are also taken in the form of ‘web beacons’. In simple terms, web beacons are snapshots of certain images that are seen across the site. These images can be analysed in terms of popularity, and as they do not contain any of your personal information you can rest assured that they do not pose any risk to you.

Third Party Cookies for

In order to ensure our website runs well, we have chosen to use third party cookie tools. This allows to embed information from sites like YouTube and Google, which in turn enhances the functionality of our site and your gaming experience. This applies to tools such as like and share buttons, which utilise cookies for their personal operations.

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