iPad Casino with Mastercard

Credit card companies have come to the fore when it comes to online payments and iPad casinos are no different when offering their customers the opportunity to play for real money. Mastercard have teamed up with the top casino platforms online to offer the type of security and reassurance associated to the brand for decades. In fact Mastercard have introduced SecureCode to ensure that both the customer and the iPad casino are protected in the best way possible. Through this method the user would need to insert a special PIN given by the card issuer to bypass the deposit phase.

Since online fraud has become increasingly more rampant throughout the years, Mastercard have revolutionised the way payments are made online. Since real money gambling is a huge step up from playing for fun, card issuers have become aware that they would need to upgrade and revamp their services to protect the millions of transactions entering a virtual world. It is also possible to buy a prepaid Mastercard, with smaller limits and risk to the user. Some iPad casinos do not offer the possibility to withdraw back to Mastercard. This is not because the iPad casino doesn’t want to offer this services, it’s due to some credit card companies who don’t offer this service. In those cases players can withdraw their money to other accounts, like Neteller, or a bank account.

Another issue which could affect players trying to deposit with Mastercard is that they are not able to use this option before they authorise their banks or card issuer to honour payments made to online casinos. As iPad casinos are associated with a unique code which distinguishes them from other merchants, banks are becoming increasingly nervous of allowing funds to go through without the prior consent of their clients. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple phone call to resolve the matter. Don’t always take it out on the iPad casino should your deposit not be successful, the credit card company could be at fault!

Real money equals real risks for any person deciding to gamble. Some can afford more than others, whilst others would risk their livelihood to try and win a fortune which can seem very elusive at times! Responsible gaming is something which all iPad casinos are legally obliged to promote and players should take heed and read the warning sign before it’s too late. With Mastercard and iPad casinos taking preventive measures to limit your risks, there is no better time to join up and try your luck at fun Casino games, such as slots or card games. The momentum is gaining speed, the temperature is rising and the stakes are raised!